My Art Project

The inspiration:

More inspiration:

Sort of inspiring:

  • 3 sheets of white tissue (cut into 1-inch squares)
  • Shimmery metallic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil (to tap down squares)
  • 22 x 28 stretched canvas (buy it on SALE! Got mine at Joann's)

Step One:
Paint a solid coat of metallic paint on canvas. Make sure you paint the edges as well.

Feel free to wait a month or two before step two.

Step Two:
Paint a thin coat of the same paint across the top of the canvas. Begin applying squares of tissue. Use pencil to tap down the tissue onto the paint. Paint next section. Continue until you've covered the entire canvas with squares.

It will look like this:
Don't worry if your squares don't meet up perfectly or if they overlap some. NOT PERFECT is better!

Step Three:
Brush another light coat of metallic paint over tissue squares so you can't see any white. Some of the tissue may rip or move. That's good. That's ok. Just tap it back close to where it was.

Step Four:
Go back and randomly place more squares until you've used all three sheets that you cut up.

Step Five:
Admire the shininess. Admire the modern look. Admire the imperfection.

Step Six*:
Find a nice place to hang it. Light candles underneath it. Woo husband.

*Alternate Step Six:
Find a nice place to hang it. Plug in lamp to shine unromantically on it until further notice.

*Alternate alternate Step Six:
Lean on mantel because the mirror you bought (this one at the outlet for $50) to put there was just a touch too big.

I'm joining Wendy at The Shabby Nest and Chris at Just a Girl today! Check out some more frugal ideas over there.


missy said...

very cool! you have such a gift. we are having our countertops installed in a week. i'm hoping we will be able to stain the cabinets espresso, but i am scared i will screw it up. can you hire someone for such things? anyway, i'll send you pix. thanx for the ideas!

Krysstyllanthrox said...

Neat idea!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I think you did it!
Your's is everybit as pretty as the originals.
another friday's favorite :-)

Abbie said...

I'm so impressed! It looks great on your mantel! I have some of that paint I used on a light fixture. This is definitely giving me some new inspiration:)

Kori said...

That's so cool!