Can You Imagine My Dismay?

Meet Blankie and Bunny:

They have been AE's sleeping companions for years now.

Can you imagine my dismay when The Daddy pointed out to me where they were last night as our firstborn slumbered?

There they were. Jumbled together in a heap behind the reading chair. Amongst the few other stuffed animals we keep. No longer needed. Sadly discarded.

In Blankie and Bunny's place:

Complete with AE's name, just like Andy in Toy Story:

And her cheesy grin:

Now AE runs around the house shouting, YAHOO! YEHAW! and I'M A COWGIRL! YIPEE-YI-YAY!

And I'm left wondering. What happened? What happened to my little girl who snuggled and hugged and loved those bedtime friends?

She said she didn't need any animals anymore.

She's a big girl now.

Oh, my. Oh, my.


Audra said...

How sad-almost as sad as TOY STORY 3.... I am sure she will go back to them. My soon to be 8 year old sleeps with 10 Webkinz overnight. He occasionally pulls out his favorites from his younger years. He can sleep with them forever as long as I'm concerned! :)

Audra said...

Yikes-I meant every night not overnight....

Janelle said...

I seriously just teared up thinking about Anna-Kate not wanting her lamby anymore. Wow. How did they growup so fast???

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