"Our" Lawn Man

Over the weekend, The Daddy spent many hours working in the yard. For the first time in several weeks, we did not have any plans on the docket, so he was able to start implementing "The Plan" for our yard.

After running a 5K Saturday morning, he mowed and trimmed the lawn. Our backyard had not seen the green machine in well over a month due to construction and travel and The Daddy's determination to kill it all and start over. He and I consulted, he trimmed bushes, ripped out roots and scraggly scrubs, I mean shrubs while the girls and I stayed indoors and created true art with Play-doh.

Sunday we got home from church and he went back at it again, trying to determine where all the new beds will be and to scare all the snakes away. I kid. Sort of.

While he was at work in the garden, the girls got to enjoy the silly sprinkler that Uncle C. gave them WAY back last December for Christmas. I sat on the porch and supervised.

The Daddy made a lot of head way this weekend, and this morning when I looked out the window I noticed "Our" Lawn Man. I say "Our" because we do not pay someone to take care of our lawn. There's nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact later in life, maybe we'll be able to afford to do the same.

What's funny is, NO ONE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD MOWS THEIR OWN LAWN. I'm not saying their yards aren't taken care of, but THEY DON'T DO IT, someone else does.

You can't drive through our neighborhood; it's a no outlet, one-way-in-one-way-out kind of place. The most traffic we see on our street is truck after truck on Lawn Days, the days the lawn services come out to beautify all our neighbors' gardens.

So, here's "Our" guy:
He's working in our backyard on the extremely tall hedge between our yard and our neighbor's yard. You remember the one? Click back here if you don't remember!

He does four yards in our area, and he takes care of "our" side of the hedge.

I love his hat!

I took these pictures on the sly, so he wouldn't notice. I'd hate for him to never come back!

So, do you do the dirty work around your place? Or are you fortunate enough to have a Lawn Man?


Lindsey said...

We (my hubby mostly) takes care of the yard! We have a pretty large yard and so he has a riding lawn mower. I get out and trim pushes an pull weeds, so we both work in the yard, but on a weekly basis he is the main one who does it. I hope one day that we can hire it done - with a big yard it's just really hard sometimes. Keeping a yard up is A LOT of work, but it sure is nice when it's all pretty!!

Audra said...

We take care of our yard. Mostly I do the work in the summer and my husband does it during the school year. We usually have to mow twice a week in the summer as we like to water so we have green grass. We do hire out for our flower beds to be weeded several times in the summer and for them to be cleaned out in the fall. I HATE, HATE, HATE snakes & flower beds are the perfect place for them to hide! The yard isn't too bad because since we have acres we have a riding lawnmower. My favorite is to weed eat-it is amazing how different a good edging and weed eating makes your property look.
Can't wait to see pictures of yours once you finish.

Kim said...

We have a nice but fairly maintenence free yard and do all of it ourselves. I think that only way we would ever actually hire out is if we HAD to, do to health issues or something. I am cooped up in an office all day, so I actually enjoy being outside in the evenings.