After being out of town for 10 days, we had an extremely large pile of mail to go through. What do you open first?

Anything personally addressed and handwritten, of course!

I was delighted to find a thank you note from my friend Emily regarding her and her husband Clay's recent visit to our new home. Having visitors helped me see all the positive aspects of where we live and gave me a glimpse into the future as we hope to host more and more friends and family here.

In Emily's thank you note, she included a few pictures from their visit:

I scanned these in, but I love this first one!

Cute of us dressed for church!

This one is hysterical!

I think it is a great picture of the guys, but...

who is the crazy lady watering the plants in the background?

Tip for mom: send pictures in your thank you notes. For a child's birthday party, a picture of your child enjoying the present would be great. Or how about a picture of the party guest?

Thanks, Em! And if you haven't stopped by Emily's blog to experience her experiment into the life of a 50s housewife, go there today! She is a published author AND an incredible writer!


Audra said...

I love the first one-you have a beautiful family!

H-Mama said...

I love that we get to see pictures of your cute baby bump! And what a great tip... Why hadn't I thought of that before?

Tara G. said...

I have the same mail strategy! :) We like to include pictures in the thank you notes- fun memories!

Emily said...


You and Chad made us feel so welcome. I should have included a gift card to a spa after all your hard work. Oh well, the pictures will have to do! Hope to see you guys when you come up this way :)