Take Two

It's been quiet down here in Florida because we've been in Georgia since the beginning of July.

I took a little break while we enjoyed some time with The Daddy and his family in the north Georgia mountains.

You may remember last year when we attended the festivities in Elijay. HJ got to wear the same outfit that AE wore last year. I have a feeling HJ will be in that situation for a few more years!

This year was made more special by The Daddy joining us. He used to have to work every 4th of July with NASCAR related events, but now we have him all to ourselves on the holiday.

These pictures are his eyes of the day we spent in downtown Elijay to celebrate our country's birth.

Ready for the parade to start

Downtown is small and remnants of the past remain.

HJ heard the sirens coming and assumed this position!

AE with Papa

Uncle Sam came and stood next to us after his part in the parade.

Elijay hosts an apple festival every Fall; she's the queen. The girls noticed her silly bands.

While the Apple Queen rode in a convertible, any kind of transportation will do for a parade in Elijay.
A golf cart

Your own motorcycle

These guys laid some rubber, literally. HJ's hands went up to her ears again.

Ride your tractor,

or your handsome steed.

Directly after the parade, the girls got beautified.
I've never seen her more still or patient.

She requested a butterfly!

HJ wanted fireworks:

We walked around after the parade and waited for the fireworks to get underway.

I love these girls.

I was there, and so was our nameless baby boy.

Then the fireworks began.

We spent the whole weekend up in the mountains and returned to The Daddy's hometown of Marietta last Monday. The week flew by as we visited with family and friends, shopped for furniture, picked blueberries, watched movies and tried to stay cool. And then there was the eating. Lots and lots of eating.

I think it was just as hot in Marietta as it was in Florida! We did enjoy cooler temps while we were in the mountains.

Yesterday, The Daddy and I took the girls to our "home church." I miss our church and all of our friends there. The Daddy had a hard time pulling away as he and I headed back home to Florida yesterday.

Yes, just he and I. And The Crazy Dog.

We left the girls in Georgia. I think a summertime week in Georgia with Nana and Papa may just become a tradition. So while the girls are having fun with the grands, I'll be working on a certain girl's birthday party (which isn't until September, but a mere two weeks after Baby C arrives) and getting the house ready for guests.

We have three sets of guests this weekend, and our renovation project is almost complete.

I got word this morning from our contractor that the master bathroom won't be done, but we can have our bed delivered and use it in the new space. Baby steps.

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Amy R said...

You've inspired me to blog about our 4th of July activities tonight! Your girls are so precious. And I don't know what your husband does with NASCAR, but I wonder if he's ever met one of my friends from home - Carl Edwards. We went to high school together and he's married to my other high school friend, Kate. They are wonderful people.