Just Real Quick

  • I still don't feel well. As a matter of fact, I'm getting worse. I'm more uncomfortable than I've ever been. It's hot. I've got heartburn. There are only 3 pounds between my husband and me now. He's still losing, and I'm still gaining. I've got a very active boy living with his heels in constant motion up in my ribcage. He definitely hasn't dropped.
  • I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Pray my blood pressure is still in check.
  • Our construction project has passed all inspections and we're in the process of moving everything in. I'll post pictures when I start to feel better.
  • My father-in-law has been here since Saturday to help with the move, the play set construction and landscaping. He also served as our babysitter last Saturday so The Daddy and I could go to an event for his work.
  • The girls start an after-school ballet program tomorrow. They couldn't be more excited!
I took this picture last week. I love the concentration HJ is showing while trying to get Noah placed atop the ark.

AE is going wild in the background with Jessie, who was found wedged between her bed and the wall.

There she goes!

AE asked to get Noah and his ark out of the closet. Her sole purpose: to see if there was a horse in the set for Jessie to ride. Nope. Not in this set!

I love how much HJ is learning right now. I'm seeing the spark we saw when AE started preschool and as a former teacher, THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!

Thanks for listening. I promise, as soon as I feel better and get my underwear up off the floor, I'll take pictures and post them!


Lindsey said...

Will say a prayer that you get to feeling better!!!

Tara G. said...

I carried my boy high, too, and I don't know that he dropped until my water broke. Bless your heart- hang in there!!!

Heather said...

Your posts are so cute! funny. :) Hope you feel better soon. I've had that third baby pregnancy too, just leave the underwear and take nap.