Real Quick, Again

My blood pressure was up a bit at my doctor's appointment, but not of too much concern today. I felt a little better today, but I need to take it easy tomorrow.

The girls LOVED ballet with Miss Gina. They learned first and second positions. They learned how to plie. They learned how to flutter like a butterfly and hop over a bunny. Can you guess which one is more graceful? The answer might surprise you.


AE has passion, but not as much...balance.

Papa has been hard at work again today. He and The Daddy finished assembling the play set yesterday. Today the rubber much and border is down, thanks to Papa. The girls got a small taste of the final product just before bedtime.

At the "lemonade stand" (Note to self: buy lemons at HJ's request)

The mulch is recycled tires. SOFT!

Thank you, Daddy and Papa!

Another note: they put their leotards back on after nap time. Totally addicted!


Heather said...

cute playground! I always wanted to get the tire mulch. enjoy!

See Jamie blog said...

LOVE the playground!

Abbie said...

They look so cute in their leotards! I can't wait until we start ballet class. So fun! And I LOVE the playground!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

The playground looks fantastic, but even better are those cute girlies in their leotards! ADORABLE!!

Lisa said...

Thinking of you and praying for a smooth time with this little guy. So soon you will be snuggling with him! (yes, I'm jealous! :)...ENJOY!