Pictures, please!

The Belly:
with the inevitable spill.

Where I hang when it's hot:
The girls play in the sprinkler while I sweat on the front porch.

We began here with the half bath:

Got here:

Now we're here:

The backyard:
The Daddy laid EIGHT pallets of sod back there after killing all the grass, I mean, weeds.

He also cleared some land for the new playground.

The Crazy Dog got down on the grass as soon as it was laid:

The Daddy pulled up the concrete paver walkway that we'll be repurposing into a patio:

The other side of the house got sod, too.

This looked so weird when it started:
(See previously thriving grass, I mean, weeds?)

Close to done!

The small 6 x 10 wood deck was a BEAR to get out. See new sod behind The Daddy!

That slide is NOT the new playground. Ha!

Piles of concrete pavers to create the new expanded patio and walkway:

I'm saving the master bath pictures until next week when, finally, hopefully, GOD-willingly IT WILL BE DONE.

The counter tops went in. The mirror framing is done. Hoping the mirrors and lighting are installed today.

We'll see.

Enjoy your weekend. It's our last before the first day back to school on Monday!


Lisa said...

Great to have an update. You guys are busy!

Audra said...

Wow, it sure is getting exciting-baby and house.
I remember the days of the spills on my belly. I had oodles of maternity shirts because I would be forced to buy a new one while out shopping because I had a dirty belly.