First Day Back

HJ finally got to join her sister today on the first day back to preschool. We all got ready this morning ON TIME and even had enough to spare for a little photo shoot with The Daddy.

Such a big girl, ready for Pre-K3

Pretty in the early morning sun

Even bigger, AE ready for her first day of Pre-K4!

Sweet smiles, ready to help sister

Each class has a different theme and decor for its school bag.

AE lucked out with a cute, pink monogrammed bag.

HJ's class theme is cowboys/western.

There I am in all my booming pregnancy glory. With SJ's impending arrival and going to the doctor's office weekly now, I dressed up for my appointment today. Blood pressure is still good. Guess I have to keep on "lying around!"

And guess who else got a few portraits taken this morning?

The Crazy Dog!

AE with her new teacher:

HJ is in the same 3-year-old class that AE was in last spring with the same teachers.
I neglected to get a picture of HJ with her teachers. There they are!

Here is a AE with Christina, a companion dog-in-training. Christina is in the classroom everyday. She is as sweet as can be and only comes out during school once or twice.

All in all, today was a great success and next week the girls will start after-school ballet class!

Side note: If you have a little one heading off to or have already sent one off to Kindergarten this year, I think you'll appreciate THIS POST from a friend of a friend of ours. I love getting her perspective on life with little ones as her triplets are a year ahead of AE, and she really looks at her life trying to hear and see God through her daily experiences as a wife and mom.

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