Quiet Irony

While HJ plays on her own, I take my chances to upload a few photos from the weekend. It's a rare treasure when she doesn't ask to "watch a show," so I'll be brief.

The Daddy got his manly on this past weekend.

The Jackhammer

There WAS a little sad pad of concrete next to our driveway that the previous owners used to house a portable basketball goal.

It was an eyesore.

The Daddy took care of that.

Our "older" single lady neighbor came over and wanted to learn how to use it!

And she commented, "My! Aren't you industrious!"

Yes. Yes, he is.

My next project:

Sad hibiscus pot! It is crumbling apart, but that plant has produced over 30 blooms so far this summer!

The Daddy also planted the new yew hedge along our back fence last weekend. HJ and I bought some mulch today for him to spread. The yard is coming alive!

And the new play ground is scheduled to arrive today. Just in time for AE and HJ to think it was a gift from SJ!

It's been quiet long enough in the playroom. HJ just asked for the baby's paci. She "just wants to hold it" and Bunny wants to have it.

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