Questions and Randoms

Lil' darlin' got into my purse:
Colorstay lip gloss: it's not for kids!

Sweet HJ wanted to know:

-Mama, can the baby laugh?

-Can I tickle him?

-Why aren't you laughing?

-Laugh, Mama, laugh!

On a particularly trying day of potty training HJ, I began to cry.

HJ's response to my tears:

-Mama, you can't cry! That's only for us kids.

So proud of her tooth brushing skills:

AE is full-on obsessed with Jessie the Cowgirl since seeing Toy Story 3. We rustled up this outfit for a cowgirl dress up. The pants are actually from an Indian costume. The boots were mine in high school/college. The shirt is from her closet and the hat came from Nana and Papa's house. It's really a Canadian Mountie hat!
Shhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell her! I had to draw a picture of a horse for AE. She's been caught letting Jessie "ride" it. Basically she holds the doll up to the piece of paper and runs with them both, neighing all the way around the house.

I've been finding clumps of this wig all over the house. She's taken to brushing her long, blond hair.

And to sum up the renovation adventure, we are still delayed. The counter tops are supposed to go in tomorrow. Last week the closet did get done:


I haven't been feeling well since Monday when I realized school didn't start for TWO more weeks instead of ONE like I thought. We've spent time at the splash pad, library and in the front yard sprinkler. We've been coloring and watching movies.

I've been napping. They have not.

Because there's not a good way to wrap up this randomness, I'll just leave you with AE's favorite question lately:

-Mama, I'm worried. How is the baby boy going to get out of your belly?

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Carrie said...

AE's question about the baby is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Allie Claire knows there is a baby in my tummy and every now and then she'll come by and point at "baby" but other than that she wants no part of it.

I love your closet! Amazing. My kitchen renovation is also waiting on countertops--You are not alone!