Mermaids and Pirates

Back in September, it was her birthday.

Remember, she's five now, and we had an Under the Sea Mermaid and Pirate Party.

Poppy came in town to celebrate, along with Nana and Papa.

Poppy played a pirate.

Jellyfish set the scene.

The beach board was a backdrop for photos.

And here's how the mermaid costume came out.

Love how this little one posed!

Sweet Sarah flopped down as soon as she put the costume on!

All of AE's classmates and new friends got to search for pirate treasure on the playground.
And then there was plenty of swinging.

And swinging.

And swinging.

And swinging.

Don't you want to smoosh sweet Charles?

What about Barrett sneaking a piece of ice?

Lots of fun on the monkey bars

And down the slide she goes!

After snacks it was time for cake!

Then she blew out the candles.

And the guests "fished" for their favors on their way out.
We moved the beach scene in front of the open door and The Daddy sat behind it to clip goodie bags on the fishing pole when the children sent the line over.

It was a memorable party, and AGAIN we forgot to get a family picture! Sad since it was SJ's first birthday celebration (besides his own).

Here's happy HJ.

The Birthday Girl


Amy R said...

This was so cute! What a great idea with the beach board and mermaid costume!

Janelle said...

cute, cute! AK said, "Oh, my friend Ansley, I need to see her!! Can you make me an Ariel dress like that?" Super.

Langleys Mom said...

Such a cute party Carrie! I love getting ideas from friends blogs! Happy Birthday to your big girl!