The Re-Publix

I hope you'll have 19 seconds to watch our HJ show you what she's learned at preschool. A few notes:
  1. The "Re-Publix" reference gives you a clue about where we do our grocery shopping.
  2. SJ gives y'all a shout out, as I'm sitting right next to HJ holding him during the making of this film.
  3. You can see where SJ does all his daytime sleeping in the backdrop.
  4. Look even further back and you can get a little glimpse into our new master bedroom. The bed MAY or MAY NOT be made. You never can tell these days.
  5. Yes, I know. I still haven't shown you our renovation final products. I've got to move the breast pump out to take pictures. Soon, soon, soon.
  6. I love the way HJ blinks, blinks and blinks while she thinks hard to remember all the words.
  7. HJ twiddles her fingers while she talks. Just like me when I'm nervous.
  8. Don't you want to eat her up?


Sjn said...

so smart, and yes! definitely cute!!!

Abbie said...

How cute! Don't ever tell her its not republix! ;) Oh & I was so impressed that you knew the You've got mail brownstone!

Lori said...

sooo cute! Kate is learning this too and it is precious how they interpret the words.

Lisa said...

Very good! and stinkin' cute!


That made me smile! Sh might have messed up a few words but she hit "liberty" perfect!!!