11 weeks

At this point SJ,
  • coos and squeals
  • weighs 11 lbs. 5 oz.
  • smiles in return
  • drools
  • puts his hands together
  • puts his hands in his mouth
  • gnaws on his hands
  • drools
  • spits up...a lot
  • rolls from tummy to back
  • wears 3-6 month size clothes
  • drools
  • stands and bounces with assistance
  • stares at and smiles at the ceiling fan
  • tracks objects with his eyes
  • drools

Have I mentioned the drooling? The doctor thought he might be teething...uh, no. Let's sleep through the night before we begin THAT adventure.

At least it will be the last time we get to comfort a teething child.

The nights have been pretty rough for eleven weeks, but the last two nights have yielded in almost six hour stretches for our little man. Just in time for our trip next week to Georgia for Thanksgiving!


Janelle said...

He is PRECIOUS--love the pic in his bed!!!

Tara G. said...

Boys are so fun! Mine turned 5 on Friday. Your playmat was just like the one we had- so many memories! My 3rd was the worst with teething- she cut them in 4's- ugh!!