Gotta Get the Real Camera Out Again

The camera phone just isn't cutting it, but it has captured a few fun moments recently.

This Monday was President's Day, so the girls did not have school. We went to the Science Center with some friends from church.

The Curious George exhibit just opened, so we got to explore!

Our new friends, Ezra and Mia

HJ's portrait of The Daddy:

AE's portrait of The Daddy:

Back on Valentine's Day:

Tuesday just after a bath:

Wednesday, our friends Brodie and Dylan came to visit from Georgia. So glad they got to stop by and see our new home and play before they headed over to the coast to catch a cruise. Lucky dogs are on the NEW Disney ship!

Our four technologically gifted children!

Five is becoming very interesting!

Yesterday SJ and I spent some quality time together after accompanying AE to a field trip at Krispy Kreme. I resisted the leftover doughnuts.

We came home and played.

His outfit is a hand-me-down from a sweet friend. It is a size 12 months.

SJ is working on some teeth.

He hates the Bumbo, still.

Random post, but I just got to get back in the saddle again! Have a great weekend!

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