The New Bath

It took for....ever.

But the tub alone is worth it.

Here is the bonus room before:

This room is now our master bedroom. We only added about 200 square feet for the new bath and walk-in closet. The addition is located behind the back wall.

The sliding doors are now a pair of french doors.

The window on the right is now a door to the new bathroom. The other window on that back wall was sealed up.

See how that window became a door?


The walk-in closet is just to the left of the vanities, and you can just catch a glimpse.

I didn't give you a view of the closet because I don't think you want to see that kind of a mess.

This is a view from inside the closet. The white door is the door to the WC (water closet, toilet room, if you will!). We are so thankful for the floor-to-ceiling storage closet just to the right of the WC. It is built right into that little niche between the WC and shower.

More storage over the toilet in the WC.

View of the playground from the WC. That oak is HUMONGOUS!

View from the closet again, looking to the right you can see the edge of the shower door.

The rain shower head from the ceiling has proven to be a worthwhile addition.

A small niche for shampoos and soap and shaving cream. There is also a little, itty-bitty bench that is perfect for hiking my leg up onto for shaving. (when I "treat" myself to a long enough shower to allow for the "luxury" of shaving my legs!)

We had these sconces mounted directly to the mirror to really illuminate the bathroom. There are also MANY recessed cans to brighten up the space. I'm still looking for the perfect chandelier to hang over the tub.

The faucets and counter tops are so easy to keep clean. We opted for silestone instead of granite. I really like the more uniform color and pattern of the silestone.

The tub fill matches the sink faucets. The are both from Kohler.

So here's what I have left to do:
  • hang a couple of towel hooks
  • find, buy and install a chandelier over the tub
  • hang curtain rod and figure out what kind of curtains to do for window above the tub

These are some inspiration photos for curtains behind a free-standing tub, all by Sarah Richardson:

This first example might be too modern, but I love the tub! See how the sheer curtains really soften up the hard angles, tile, glass and metal finishes?

The feeling in this bath is closest to what we've got going on in ours:

This one makes me want to go bold with a geometric and colorful pattern:

I love the colors of this bath and the pattern on the sheers:

This one below is from Sarah's overhaul of a farmhouse and was my original inspiration to do curtains and pattern behind the tub to soften up the space:

I have two yards of this fabric, Florabunda that I might use somewhere in our bathroom, the girls' bathroom or the half bath outside.

I love the texture and age of the fabric!

Coming soon? Our new bedroom!


susanv said...

Beautiful! I love the patterned sheers and yellow print fabric behind the tub.

Tara G. said...

LOVELY!!!!!!!!! Seriously, you have great taste!

Janelle said...

Love it! I know you are thrilled to have it done. (and I LOVE Sarahs House and the bathroom that she did and that yellow fabric--too funny that it is your inspiration!).

Audra said...

Very gorgeous!