It Was a Dark and Gloomy Day

We're having severe thunderstorms here in Florida, which means a dark and cloudy and loud day indoors. Having lost many limbs off the old oak trees, our yard is littered with Spanish moss and leaves. We're drenched, but our grass is LOVING it.

In honor of SJ's seven-month birthday today, I took him to his room to snap a few current photos to show you what a big boy he is! Despite the dark conditions, we got some keepers:

Sitting all by himself, with lovie in hand

What an expression!

No doubt, being entertained by HJ

I want to smoosh those cheeks!

He's turned into quite a little blondie with the sweetest smile.

And here's where every photo session ends up!

A sweet moment during the craziness of three kids in a crib

AE is batting at the mobile, and HJ looks like she's throttling SJ while he plots his escape!

Ready for nap time and over the pictures

Our 18-pounder is doing well, sleeping through the night, eating up anything that comes near him and watching every move his sisters make.

He's sitting up really well on his own now. He reaches for our faces, toys and anything he can get his hands on.

He's a raspberry blower. Big time. During meal time, even. What a mess!

He's moved on to size 12 month clothes and 6-12 month clothes.

He'll sit outside in my lap for the longest time taking everything in.

He plays peek-a-boo and laughs when he pulls his lovie off his face.

He's a bouncer. He's a good stroller. He's snuggly. He's perfect.

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