Back From Wherever

I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.

In short, I'm having some health issues and some mental issues. Not sure which is causing which! I kid, I kid.

Really, my blood pressure is STILL high, and if you'll remember the reason sweet, SJ joined our family a few weeks early, you'll know that I've been battling this problem for a time now.

Exercise and diet have not helped so far. I think it is a matter of stress and genetics.

So I went to the hospital today, and I've got a doctor's appointment early on Thursday morning. Please pray for me to calm down, relax and let some of the unimportant things GO.

In other news, the kids are great. I'm slowly making the shift from saying "the girls" to "the kids." We survived our 9-hour drive to Atlanta and back, with the help of Nana on our return trip. She's keeping me sane and ironing everything that will stay still enough to be pressed. God, love her!

I've got SO many posts stored up in my head, but I think many of them are falling under the "unimportant things" category that I'm battling right now.

In the meantime, we've got some cuties:

The girls at Nana and Papa's house on St. Patrick's Day.

The boy on our picnic today.

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Langleys Mom said...

Will pray for that BP! Try to rest girl! So hard with kids and especially when you are used to doing all the 'little things'!