It's Been a While...

Last Friday, I went crazy and drove all three kids by myself up to Atlanta. It took nine hours, but the last week here has been wonderful, and full of family time, friend time and SHOPPING time.

Yes, I left The Daddy alone with The Crazy Dog. For 10 days.

I've got one more weekend "on vacation" with the kids before my MIL and I make the trek back to Central Florida.

One reason I headed north is I have two girls and LOTS of girl clothes to get rid of. Three good friends took advantage of our LOW, LOW prices, and now I'm selling the rest at a huge consignment sale here in Marietta. I took 223 items to sell.

And that was just spring/summer items.

I'll never look at a wire hanger or safety pin the same again. It was a LOT of work to get everything ready, and I'll be so glad to have it over with.

Until the fall when I do it again.

Not sure how many of y'all celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but before our epic journey to Atlanta, our family of five enjoyed a parade through our little downtown.

I took pictures:

AE had her class mascot, Christina for the weekend, so NATURALLY the stuffed dog came with us.

Sweet HJ always covers her ears at the beginning of a parade." TOO LOUD!" she says. At the end of the parade, she was dancing!

SJ got to watch the parade from his perch on The Daddy's chest.

Man, he looks good with a baby strapped to him!

As always, the parade started with the fire engines.

Then came the awesome antique and vintage cars:

All decked out in green:

Of course in Central Florida, Mickey and Minnie are always invited to the party:

Look at the charming little suitcase riding on the side rails:

Love the trunk on the back of this one:

If you look closely in the background of the picture above, you can see the Amtrak that goes right through downtown.

I really wouldn't mind taking this sweet, silver ride home with me:

This lady cracked me up!

What kind of St. Patrick's Day parade doesn't have bagpipes?

Horses, horses, horses!

Check out the ride the city commissioner was on!

I was afraid she was going to fall off that contraption!

Lots of river dancing going on!

What a cute little leprechaun!

Only in Florida, y'all!

More bagpipes!

The drink of choice for the holiday!

I thought this girl was about to break out a little "Danke Shane." If you don't get that, rent Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Sweet puppy all dressed up! See how the streets in our city keep me going the 25 mph speed limit?

More cool cars with politicians

Our current mayor (I kid, I kid!)

THIS is the sitting mayor!

Loved this fun couple in their families' tartans!

More horses, horses, horses! (Name THAT movie!)

What's a parade without Elvis? That one's for you, Stacy B!

Vroooooom! Vroooooom!

Choo! Choo!


Oh, my word. The clowns were multiplying!

If you scroll through these next few photos fast enough, you can watch the girls dance!

That little leprechaun again!

Oh, what craziness the local lodge men come up with:

I thought this fruit and veggie truck was right cute!

Big men in little cars, always funny!

And this group, drum line beatin' and steppin' all the way down the avenue is what got our little HJ to dancin':

The girls went away with some new fire hats and a bucket load of candy!

Christina the dog got no treats, but is hoping to march in the parade next year!


Tara G. said...

I miss all the venues to sell off kid clothes! I'm listing on ebay before we head to the States and will take some back to mail if I can! Hope you make a ton!! ANd I miss Atlanta. I've done a long drive with small kids down there while Mr. YH was deployed- good thing it's such a great place to end the trip! :)

Lisa said...

lovely weather in March. looks like a festive town

Katie said...

So fun! My first thought for "horses, horses, horses" was from Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle when she's driving at the beginning and singing along to Jingle Bells... but I could be totally wrong :)