Chicks, Man

This boy loves his chicks. And his peeps. And...

I'll spare you any more silliness.

I spent quite a while getting all the pictures uploaded for this post. So long that it got quiet. Y'all KNOW when it gets quiet, there's trouble. Or just a mess. OR BOTH.

But I didn't quite REALIZE it was quiet until it got LOUD. Very LOUD.

So I hope the fact that my house looks like an egg factory exploded is well worth your viewing pleasure.

Ladies and Gentlemen...Our Easter:

Yes, this is the new header.

SJ's first Easter was a hit.

The Daddy's mom brought us his Easter books from when he was a child. So sweet.

He caught it.

After church, we headed back to the same hotel brunch we enjoyed last year.

SJ was worn out from the church service and slept while we waited to be seated.

Then I ate my weight in prime rib, salmon, lox and oysters. Oh, mozzarella cheese. An assortment of berries. AND CHEESECAKE. AND DESSERT SHOTS. AND KEY LIME PIE.

Because what doesn't say Easter like eating like the rapture is about to happen?

Then we came home and took pictures of our stuffed selves.

So fresh. So sweet. So green.





Big boy.

This one really makes me smile.

This one really cracks me up!

Nana brought badminton equipment for the girls.

Our boys.

Melt. My. Heart.


Empty basket.

Which sisters came to fill.

Mid egg hunt slide.


Oh, look! Mama found time to paint her toes.


Love. Love. Love.

Yes, he was there.

The bounty.



I almost can't handle it!


And eat.

He is my child.

And we had a peaceful Easter until The Daddy set up the slip and slide out on the back 40. The girls were having trouble figuring it out. Guess who showed them how to do it?


Yes. And there was a YouTube threat, but I think we're all safe from that scene.

At least we better be!

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