Each of our girls celebrated Mother's Day with a special tea in her respective classroom. There were snacks, special gifts and songs for all the moms. It was a precious time with each of my girls.

Mama and HJ

The table settings with an original art piece displayed on a teeny, tiny easel. HJ titled her creation Mommy in a Flower Garden. Inside the card was an original poem by HJ.

My silly girl

HJ presented this necklace to me as the key to her heart!

Then she sang a song for mama.

AE greeted me at the door with a flower and escorted me to a table set for us moms.

She and her classmates sang a song about mothers.

Ever the hostess, AE went to the buffet and made a plate for me and poured my tea all by herself.

AE and Mama

AE is right on with her assessment of mom.

HJ's portrait of me doing pilates next to a flower.

I really like my age in this one!

The girls were so sweet to me on Mother's Day. We drove up to Atlanta to surprise Nana and Mema, and boy, were they surprised!

The Daddy and his brother (with a little help from Uncle C's girlfriend, Alyson!) cooked everyone a beautiful dinner. Our short and sweet visit "back home" was just what the doctor ordered for all!

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