We're Number One!

The end of the preschool year has also brought the end of the year cheerleading presentation. Both the girls have been taking cheerleading at their school once a week since January. Both were so excited to show off their new skills!

All the cheerleaders entered waving patriotic ribbons:

The first talent was the SOLO spirit run:
HJ was a big blur: she ran fast and yelled LOUDLY.

Each girl ran across the stage yelling, "Go team, we're number one! Go team!" Each child's personality came out as she braved the long trek to the end of the stage.

AE on her spirit run:

A jump in the middle of the stage! When asked, AE said that that was her "spirit."

So proud after her run!

My girls were just about the LOUDEST! Not shy at all!

Going through all the positions they learned
Spirit cards

Blue, Red, White!

Having a great time, HJ watched me during the entire presentation.

Mid cheer

Time for some pompom skills!

Love it!

That's a "K"!


G-O! G-O! Go, Wildcats, Go!

We're number one! We can't be number two! We're going to beat the whoopsie out of you!

This one is for Nana!

Pompom time

Getting trophies

Cheer sisters!

Cheer daddy!

The girls with Mrs. Wilhite, their cheer coach

After such a successful season of cheerleading, the girls will probably take gymnastics this fall and HJ will continue taking cheerleading at the preschool.

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H. Conwell said...

Love the picture with Daddy and the girls cheering and your son reaching for the trophy. Adorable family!