The Beach Trip

For the first time ever (and I mean EVER!) we took a vacation on our own. Just our immediate family. Just Mama, The Daddy and the kids.

Scratch vacation. We took a trip to the beach. :)

Over Memorial Day weekend, we enjoyed the sun and sand and snot. Yes, our little SJ was a trooper with his snotty nose that ran for the entire trip. In those seven days at New Smyrna Beach, he got to experience lots of firsts.

First time in the sand at the beach:

Loved playing with and eating the sand!

First time to see the Atlantic Ocean

First time in the ocean: he wasn't too sure about it.

Watching the waves

Feeling the sand and salt water on his toes

These two had an absolute blast going back and forth between the beach, the baby pool and the big pool.

We stayed in the same condo complex with our good friends the Bishops.

One night we even met up with some other friends in Port Orange at Aunt Catfish's restaurant.

Aunt Catfish's is brilliant because they have a playground out front for the long wait times!

HJ, Brooke and AE

Going down the slide together!


SJ being a trooper again!

For the first time ever, we were able to put all the big(ger) kids down at one end of the table so the adults could socialize a little easier! All of us parents were so impressed with how well everyone behaved!

At our table were:
  • four families
  • 19 people total
  • two sets of twins
  • 7 boys and 4 girls aged 5 and under
  • two highchairs
  • lots of fun, laughter and conversation!

Racing to the beach

Just before the sky opened up, the girls and The Daddy took a walk on the ONE morning we had gray skies. Later that afternoon, the sun returned. Every day we were there was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.

Lots of wildlife on the beach:

AE with her friend, Carter:

HJ getting in on the action:

Our ONE family shot from the whole trip:

It's been a great start to the summer!

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Heidi said...

What GREAT photos!! We are going to have to do it again next year it was so fun to have the total week there.