Welcome to Florida! It is hot.

We are doing anything we can to keep cool here. Last week we went with friends to a local beach on the lake which butts up to our neighborhood. SJ and I stayed on a blanket in the shade while all the children played at the water's edge.

The very next day, they issued an amoeba warning. We won't be going back until it cools down (a lot) and we get enough rain.

So, back to the splash pad/bubble fountain. You can smell the chlorine as you approach, so no chances of our brains being eaten by amoeba and dying.

We met the Bishops and a few other friends for a picnic and water time.

SJ screamed when I set him down at the edge of the splash zone. Not ready just yet.

Other ideas for keeping cool here: library, science center, slip and slide, sprinkler, our neighbor's pool, heading north for the summer...

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Carrie said...

Florida is hot as blue blazes! Did I tell you that before you moved? :) We love a splash park in the summertime. Also, loving the Chic-fil-a play area. Lunch and play equal good naps around our house.