She's Worth It

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Don't you just love a good before and after?

Sometimes it takes a while.

Sometimes it seems like it is taking forever.

There she was when I began to blog about our lives. The Chair was the second post I ever wrote, yet somehow it has been the one I always go back to when I begin to reminisce.

She finally got her makeover. I finally got up the nerve to change her. She was $15.oo at that garage sale so long ago.

She's different somehow, don't you think?

Her back.

Gone are the channel-stitches. All pretty and button-backed now.

We left her finish the same. We kept some age on her.

Her damaged leg was repaired. No more tape and glue holding her together.

Gone is the old brass nail head trim and in its place, a simple double welt.

The classic linen shows off her pretty carvings now.

She even got a new shabby chic pillow to keep her company.

It's the place where we read to our girls at night before bed. It's the place where dirty clothes end up. It's the place where toys and books and blankets and hangers get piled. But she's new. She's different.

She was worth it. Worth the wait. Worth the money. Worth the time. Worth the worry that it wouldn't turn out right.

Worth it.

Do you have a project that you've been putting off? Are YOU that project?

Thanks to Rhoda for hosting the Thrifty Treasures party again this week!
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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

carey, great to see you too! So glad you wanted to meet up. You're a sweet mama & those are some adorable kids, wow, are they growing up. So glad you are happy in FL, but anytime you are up here & want to meet up,let me know. Made a good connection at The Pineapple House, so thanks for steering me in there. I do think we might work something out!

If that was Taters & Jello, yes, Jen has a huge blog, not 100K readers, but very large readership. She's a sweet girl too.

Oh oh, I love your new chair. I'm assuming you had this professionally done. If not, I'm extra jealous of your skills. It's a gorgeous piece now!

Pam said...

Adorable kids! And the chair is pretty nice too. I have a rocking chair that I have been working on for probably 7 years. I took it all apart, but the upholstery is intimidating me a little (a lot). I really need to just finish the thing!