Before It's Too Late

As always, the family spent the Fourth of July up in the North Georgia mountains.

We packed up and left on June 30, which just so happened to be Mr. SJ's 10-month birthday. Leaving at 6 in the late-afternoon, we didn't arrive until way into the wee hours of the morning. The Daddy and I agreed: traveling with sleeping little ones is good. :)

After a day in Atlanta and haircuts for the girls, we headed up to Ellijay for all the fun festivities. Parade at 6:00pm, fireworks at dusk.

The firetrucks always announce the start of the parade.

Oh, y'all. This guy made my day!

Colonel Poole always makes an appearance. Love his BBQ, though we didn't get to enjoy it this trip.

I assisted The Daddy in capturing this alluring photo by hollerin' till Sonny turned around.

The Daddy also cracked me up on this one by remarking, "That's awkward."

Sweet patriotic girl

HJ was so tired without a nap. I'm trying to get SJ to turn around and see what's coming up next. He's more interested in his sisters.

After the parade, this fellow was pickin' some tunes. He wasn't half bad.

Face painting again. This year, the girls wanted the #6.

Whoa! The blue eyeshadow.

He did NOT get his face painted.

Pretty little girls

Our attempt at a family photo while waiting for the fireworks to begin was humorous.

When all else fails...

make a silly face.

Still tired, HJ got a little put-out at the photo op.

But then she warmed up with some individual attention.

SJ was not a fan of the girls' chairs:

Despite this photo, little baby boy held on and actually enjoyed the fireworks. Several walks around the block in the stroller helped facilitate that win.

The girls are still in Georgia with Nana and Papa, while I enjoy some time with my sweet, possibly teething, baby. I'm cleaning, exercising, showering without interruption, organizing, and cleaning out our closets for a special garage sale this weekend.

Tell you more about that later. :)

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