Art Class

Our neighbor, B.B. took the girls a couple weeks ago to an art class along with her grandson. She did me an ENORMOUS favor by leaving me to my cleaning and baby rocking in a quiet house. Another day, she took SJ and The Crazy Dog for a walk while I got ready for a date with The Daddy.

I tell you what...Florida has good neighbors. We've got them on all sides and are so thankful that though we are hours and hundreds of miles away from family, we've got our own little niche here in our part of Florida.

Back to the art.

The girls made pinch pots and used various leaves to make impressions in the clay.

HJ's is certainly Auburn appropriate. Blue on one side.

Orange on the other.

I love the colors that AE used on her bowl:

I came to class with the girls after the firing so they could do the under glazing.

I may or may not have suggested a few combinations.

Pretty gorgeous work by our gorgeous girls!

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Tara G. said...

what fun- and what a blessing to have a awesome neighbors!