Black Swan Comes to Mind

This week afforded our eldest, AE time to be a big kid at VBS. She was the youngest there, but she jumped right in on the very first day. Walking right down the steps, taking a seat ALL BY HERSELF and listening intently, I quickly saw a flash to our future where, in one short month, she will begin Kindergarten.

Last night the church held a service for all the kids who participated and their families. After the service, there was a carnival to end the fun. Bounce houses (out of control), face painting, cotton candy and a caricature artist were the fun on the docket.

After getting knocked around the bouncy death-traps, we decided face painting would be a safer activity. Boy howdy, the line was long. We ate cotton candy while not moving but a foot or two in I-don't-know-how-long, but it was long with three kids, that's for sure.

We came to the conclusion that the face painting was NOT going to happen last night. The caricature artist had capped off his line, so we made promises to have a surprise at home and "MAMA WILL PAINT YOUR FACES TOMORROW."

The surprise once we got home was a dance party to the CD The Daddy bought at church of the five original songs from VBS that week. Awesome music. Great moves. Everyone was happy and went to bed.

Fast forward to today. HJ of course, remembered this afternoon our promise for MAMA TO DO FACE PAINTING. Oh. No.

NO supplies. I said we'd improvise.

The girls learned that sometimes good intentions are just no good. I'm so sorry if you are afraid of clowns.

My first try:
She was a trooper. She WOULD NOT let The Daddy see her like this. I couldn't stop laughing. I still can't. Good golly. What was I trying to do???

Second try:

Better. Princess of Hearts.

Annnnnd, the Princess of Diamonds:

Double crowning it:

I think we all learned an important lesson: go get the free caricatures done FIRST, skip the bumped noggins in the bounce house, eat some sugar and get home!

Sweet SJ's caricature:

*bonus for being a fussy baby during the service! No line for the portrait!

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