I Love This Place

Cruisin' through our sweet little college town, I often find a view such as this:

Love her flowers in the basket for decoration!

Now that school is back in session, our town has come to life again! Many families here summer in the NC mountains or spend their time at the local beaches in condos. All the snow birds are gone through the dog days of summer, which will unfortunately continue most likely through October here.

There is, however a hint of fall with the onset of school. I love the hum around town, and I love seeing the new freshmen arrive for their first step to independence. I love the sidewalk cafes full of moms chatting over coffee, coeds getting to know their new roommates and business people making deals over croissants. Our town has hit the reset button and has come alive again!

What gets you going for Fall???


lnipaver said...

Love reading your blog, I use to be a camp counselor with Chad. I am guessing you live on the U of F campus? I visited last fall when the football team my husband works for (App State)got pounded by Florida. But i had to chuckle because I live in the NC mountains. Cute family!

Tara G. said...

Apples. And Sveta just sent a huge bag over to us from her dacha so I am making apple butter this morning in between the kids' lessons! I suppose I'll have to come up with some buttermilk biscuits, too- that's the best combination!