Her Turn

This morning it was her turn:

AE was ready to go to her first day of Kindergarten.

I finally found the perfect first day dress.

Backpack packed and ready to go.

The Daddy blocked off his morning a made the walk in with us.

At the front doors:

In front of her classroom:

At her table:

With her teacher, Mr. Foster:

Mr. Foster came to our house to meet our girl a couple of weeks ago. Last week, we went to his classroom to see where AE would spend her days for the next school year.

We also got to meet Nicholas, the classroom bunny:

I took this picture, so I could know where she was in her day if I stop to pray for her. Right now as I type this, she's at lunch! Notice, NO NAP TIME.

Daily jobs for each student:

AE will be getting a lesson in diversity this year. First, with a male teacher and secondly, her class is like the United Nations!

What made it pretty easy to walk away smiling this morning is AE is really ready to learn AND she has a friend from her preschool cheerleading class in her new Kindergarten class. They even sit at the same table!

Last night we took the whole family out to eat at Downtown Disney:

Can you tell where we ate?

SJ was scared the whole time, poor thing!

But look at what was trumpeting right behind him!

Our plan was to ride this balloon after dinner:

But it wasn't running last night.

HJ showing you her red tongue from her souvenir smoothie monkey cup:

And next year, we'll do the same thing as we send HJ off to Kindergarten, too!


Tara G. said...

I love it all!!! The dress is so cute! Have you run across any companies that sell cute portrait dresses for age 8-9 besides Strasburg? Having a hard time finding an age-appropriate dress.

Langleys Mom said...

So exciting!! I am not ready for this! I get emotional seeing other kids go off to kindergarten let alone my own! She is adorable and I love that you can still get her to wear a smocked dress. There's hope! :)

Lisa said...

Ah...they are getting so big. Great job documenting everything...such an important job!