This Year, Last Year

First Day of Pre-K this year:

First Day of Pre-K last year:

Little Miss Independent went on a date with Mama last night. We discussed important things like how she really wishes she could fly, what to do on the first day of school and why guacamole tastes so good.

I found out the thing Miss HJ was looking forward to the most this year as a Pre-K 4'er, is getting to walk UP the stairs to go to her classroom. Only the big kids' classrooms are upstairs. HJ also declared that she did not NEED me to walk in with her. She REALLY wanted to be dropped off in carpool.

So I did.

Then I parked and came in to see how she did.

I found this once we arrived UPSTAIRS:

She came in, hung up her "bee bag," picked up her table work and sat down to get started.

Once we came in, HJ confessed to AE (who starts Kindergarten NEXT Monday) that there was something wrong with her letters. You can see the bottle caps with each individual letter, but there were are few of the wrong ones there.

Once she got the right letters, all was well.

Then we tried to get a picture of all of us!

And one with JUST HJ AND ME:

Sort of:

Can you see sweet screaming SJ being carried away by AE? Ha!

Now to do it all over again next week with AE!

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H. Conwell said...

how sweet...I know its years down the road, but I will be a mess when my little girl has her first day.