The Cake Was Blue

Our FIRST blue, boy birthday!

Found the sweetest nursery rhyme toile invites, plates and napkins in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby!

I tied some ribbon to Humpty and strung it from the chandelier.

I picked some scrapbooking papers that fit the color theme, cut some pennants and sewed them onto some ribbon for a homemade banner.

I even made a miniature banner for the top of the cake. Got that great idea from Pinterest!

I ordered the cakes from a cafe/bakery in Marietta, Canvas. They were a dream to work with via the phone and email. They got it just right and it tasted divine!

One little cake for SJ, one big one for the rest of us.

Tied a ribbon to a simple glass cake stand. I have a set of three in graduated sizes, and they come in handy for all occasions.


The good stuff inside!

I made a hat for our birthday boy.

He wore it for 30 seconds.

We sang Happy Birthday.

He wasn't too sure about the sugar.

He loved playing in it without so much as a "NO!"

This sweet, but sour look really exemplifies his feelings toward the cake.

He went after it.

I love that little "tear" of icing just under his eye!

HJ couldn't wait to get a taste.

Sweet snuggles from a teething one-year-old, post cake smash

We played a little game with the post-its and the girls' pictures from their cake smash days. I wrote each of our three's birth weight and weight at one-year-old to have our guests match the correct measures with the correct child.

The answers:

-8 lbs, 4 oz
-19 lbs, 4 oz

-7 lbs, 7 oz
-20 lbs, 2 oz

-6 lbs, 11 oz
-21 lbs, 14 oz

Then we opened presents.

With big sisters' help, the big one was revealed.

And yesterday he mastered getting in and out by himself! He also found his horn!


Lou Lou said...

Happy Birthday Little S!! What a cute little party. Canvas is my FAVORITE lunch spot in Mayretta. And the red velvet cupcakes are so yummy!

Stacy said...

Oh Yum! Good job, Canvas! And good job Carey. So many thoughtful and lovely touches from Mamma!

Langleys Mom said...

Sweet party Carey for a sweet little boy!! He is adorable! Love these times!

Lisa said...

He is just as sweet as they come! You are just a little too crafty, making all that decorating seem like nothing at all to do. :)

Great job on your costumes...we love Toy Story, too.