Life in Pictures: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I had over 130 photos on my phone that I may or may not have shared with y'all:

The boy did not like peas.

Our city is beautiful.


SJ fell asleep mid-bounce at church.

Memorial day weekend view:

Waiting for the doctor:

Indication that it's time to lower the crib mattress and remove the bumper:

At our local beach with friends BEFORE the amoeba warnings:

Brown recluse. On the back of our house.

Sweet boy one Sunday morning:

I ruined that outfit with Oxyclean.

What I've been eating lately:

Built a tent fort in the girls' room.

Happy girls:

Made more than one pan of lasagna this summer.

Spinach chicken lasagna topped with Parmesan and sun-dried tomatoes:

Patient boy:

Cloud watching at the splash pad:

Eating puffs at the splash pad:

My sisters are freaking me out with all these toys in my crib!

Mama and The Daddy went on a date.

To a concert.

Where my eardrums may have been split open.

Forgot to put on sunscreen:

(Spent five hours at the beach.)

Watched the neighbor's kids and decided I can't have more!

We have a happy boy!

A smart girl.

And one seriously competitive little/big sister.

He's getting bigger and bigger.

In a hand smocked present from Julie:

Jessie stowed away on several car trips.

Cookin' up a storm:

Rainy afternoons:

Summertime attire:

Popsicle, popsicle.

Date night with HJ, when she wistfully said,

"I really wish I could fly."

He began eating Cheerios.

He put them in the circle and couldn't get them back out again.

The Science Center was good for a rainy day. We pet the baby gator and watching them eat.

Learning new strategy:

Practicing on the green screen:

Wore ourselves out:

Went to a marionette theater:

(Kind of freaky. Saw Alice in Wonderland.)

Naked time:

The Crazy Dog got locked out overnight. Found him on the front porch in the morning. Soaked.

The eyes. My word, his sweet eyes:

HJ modeling SJ's first birthday present from his Great Aunt Judy:

Because according to her, purple is NOT his favorite color!


susanv said...

I need to do a phone dump too. Cute pics and fun times. Please post/send lasagna recipe ... looks different and delish!

Lisa said...

Oh, how fun! I've heard the best camera is the one you have WITH you! WHY do those babies have to grow SO fast!