Daddy's Opening Game

As a possible new tradition, we headed up to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend to celebrate SJ, but we also celebrated The Daddy's birthday. If you remember, The Daddy's birthday is the day before our son's. Just so happens that The Daddy's beloved Auburn plays their first game that weekend, so what does The Daddy always want for his birthday?

To watch the game and get a win from the Auburn Tigers!

First stop: visit with old friends.

Next stop: visit the bookstore to buy hats for the girls and get some face painting.

The local high school sent their DECA members to do "free" face painting for donations.

They sent two guys? Strange!

Two not so cooperative girls!

Inside the stadium:

Can't complain about our seats. We were only six rows up in the upper deck. There was a wonderful breeze that helped keep us cool despite the high 90 degree weather. I know that the folks down in the bowl were sweltering!

And the most important thing: our tickets were free. The Daddy had his hand raised outside the stadium indicating we needed tickets. Some lovely people stopped and asked us how many we needed? Four. All together.

God bless them, they gave us those tickets for free. They have children that they used to take to the games, and now those children are enrolled at the university. I guess they are just starting the recruitment process when the kids are younger and younger these days! :)

Assuming this position for the first quarter, the noise was a little much for HJ.

We thankfully stayed for all FOUR quarters where the Tigers pulled off a seriously magical win.

See? The Daddy is smiling!

Views from the front seat on our way back to Atlanta:

As my friend Carrie suggested, AE's position does NOT look comfortable at all!

Worn eagles, hey!

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