How Things Have Changed Around Here

I love my three little things. Just take a second to compare this recent photo to the one in the header on the ol' blog. We're growing like weeds and just won't stop!

It's summertime and we are in full swing. We've already been to the east coast of Florida for a week-long experience at the beach. NOTICE I didn't say, "vacation"!

We've been bouncing in the bounce house, making doctor's visits, washing cars, painting the sidewalks with chalk, dressing up like tigers, brainstorming ideas for a movie (don't ask!) and all the typical summer activities. We've bought lemonade from a neighbor's stand, scheduled swimming lessons, signed up for VBS and gymnastics camps, and planned out another road trip to the north Georgia mountains.

We'll be taking our two eldest to visit Tennessee to see the place where I grew up, the places I love, the place I miss. They'll get to visit their grandmother they never got to meet and maybe we'll swing by the house I called home for 15 years. It's for sale, and I've tinkered with the idea of scheduling a showing with the real estate agent!

What I mean to say is, we are on the move. We are living life and I'm trying to enjoy it while it is sweet, while it is innocent, while it is within my reach. For sooner than I know it, those little things up there will be on their way out the door.

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Lisa said...

WHY do they change so much??

I laughed at your "experience". People (without littles) always ask, "how was your vacation"? I can't help but stare at them blankly...its time away, but no vacation. :)