Take Me Out...

 While visiting the grands in Atlanta, we took HJ and SJ to their very first Atlanta Braves game. AE was lucky enough to go several years ago. 

Not sure she remembers it:

Notice: She's wearing the same Braves shirt that SJ wore to the game a couple of weeks ago! And he can currently wear the same Crocs. BIG boy!

AE had to use Nana's visor to keep the sun at bay.

Excellent seats!

 I know The Daddy doesn't like this picture, but SJ looks so sweet and happy.

HJ wasn't having fun until Nana took her to get her face painted!

Can you see all three sticky hands going after the cotton candy?

 Sugar high!

 When you can't sit still, go upstairs to run the bases!

These girls took more than one lap.

Can you tell Atlanta is a Coca-Cola town?
 Love her little leg pop.

 Not very cooperative...

 unless he's by himself?

HJ, forever my silly, silly girl! I love how it looks like the cow is hitting her in the head!

Happy together!

Fun evening all around, we enjoyed BBQ at our favorite spot, Fox Bros. before the game with Nana, Papa and Great Uncle Jerry. Can't wait for spring training down here in Florida because I think we've all gotten a bit of the baseball bug now!

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