Because I Want to Hear You Laugh

The Phriday Photo Edition:

THIS is me. I am pregnant with AE. She made her debut 7 days after this event. 

I went to work dressed like this. 

I am dressed like Britney Spears. She had her first baby a couple days before this picture was taken. 

It's not my hair. It's a wig. 

I gained 60 or so pounds. 

I went to work looking like this. 

I used to teach high school. Can you imagine being a 16-year-old walking into your classroom and seeing your English teacher dressed like this?

My friends on Facebook have seen this, but after embarrassing my husband last week, I felt he needed a little vindication amongst the other 5 of you who read this blog. So, here you go. 

This might be a SHAMELESS attempt at getting you to comment, but evidently I know nothing about SHAME! Let's hear it!

AND DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IN THE SIDEBAR. I know it's not as thrilling as who makes the bed or what fabric should I choose, but...


A Touch of Country said...

oh my! You look hilarious my dear!

I know how you felt gaining 60 pounds, I gained 55 and felt huge!

Catholic Runner said...


I also gained 60 pounds and I am only 4'11- not pretty!

Kacie said...

What a fantastic outfit. I would be proud if I were a kid and you were my teacher and came dressed like Brittney in her bad stage. hah. :)

Yeah - all the Christ metaphors catch my eye, partly because I took a class called "The Image of Christ in the Novel" in college, and I loved it. It's easy to see those metaphors, but sometimes I get carried away and see more than was intended.

Southern Fried Gal said...

Too funny!

Lee, Rebecca, and Claire said...

I remember this day! You were so funny. Great outfit--love the tee shirt!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

OK- I do need to get to your blog more often. I love it! I think I first saw it through Becky's maybe??
1) Love the outfit. Hilarious!
2) I have seen Becky's tray and now yours and it's BEAUTIFUL!! I'm totally copying.
3) I didn't see your link about the half marathon and am in need of inspriration, so please send me the link. My email is or the one that pops up when you get this comment (*ahem* you really should enable that feature so I could e-mail you back)
4) We have totally used the door covers for about a year. I have them on my 3 1/2 year old's doors and on all the outside doors. They are wonderful. I highly recommend.
OK. This is way too long for a comment. We'll have to talk more soon!

Lisa said...

I don't believe that you gained sixty pounds. You had such a cute belly and you still had ankles!

I'm way too serious (always have been) and would have totally discredited a teacher who came to class like that...sorry!

Anonymous said...


Tara G. said...

I gained that much each time I was pregnant. Finally the third time I sat down with the army nurse for my briefing (I wish they'd use a different term- I am a civilian!), I told her that she needed to write in my file "Do NOT get on her about her weight."

I taught middle school- they probably would've come dressed the same the following day!