Color Shy?

I've been clicking away today over at 320 Sycamore to see all the beautiful paint colors and I couldn't resist sharing the very few color choices we've {I've} made here at our house.

When we moved, I vowed to take an oath of celibacy from painting. In our newlywed home, we painted every. stinking. room. The kitchen twice. The dining room twice. I took a vow, but old habits die hard. The Daddy doesn't know how much I really think about painting everyday!

The back of the bookcases is Restoration Hardware's Flax. Painting the back of the bookcases was supposed to cure my painting problem. But soon enough, I got the itch to paint again.


I told myself that painting just the little wall space with the tv and fireplace wasn't really like painting a whole room. It wasn't. It really needed it to help those big ol' things on the mantel pop more, so I did it while The Daddy was out of town. In case you were wondering, it's Behr's Winter Mood. I think it's a springy green. I've got a lot of paint leftover and I'm considering brightening up our office nook...

And now here's a work in progress. The bottom half of the dining room is Restoration Hardware's Capppucino, BUT we had Lowe's color match it instead of buying from RH. If you want to know what is up with all the swatches, read HERE. Would love more opinions, even though I'm pretty sure I know what's going to happen!

How color shy are you? Seems like nowadays, most people make paint choices based on the future speculation of having to sell a home. Can you commit and be bold? or are you shy and on the safe side?


Tara G. said...

1. You have great taste!
2. Restoration Hardware- ahh!
3. I miss Atlanta sometimes- lived in Jonesboro.
4. I am so tired of renter's blah paint color on our walls!

Sharon said...

Love the celery color! That is perfect. And yes, when I finally do paint, I go BOLD!

gina said...

We went bold for the private spaces- bedrooms, private bath, etc. but stayed calm in the main living areas- I punch with color their but with four kids filling the space I need calm walls. :) After painting for what seems like a week AROUND the clock, lol I feel your vow.

HOWEVER, you have a keen eye and what you paint makes a HUGE difference. Gorgeous rooms!

melissa said...

Beautiful RH colors! Thank you so much for joining the party today! You've got a beautiful family as well1

Shelly said...

Oh, I am loving that flax color! The bookcases look awesome like that! And the cappucino. Your DR is going to look divine. I love RH paint. My sons' / guest bathroom is painted their latte color. That and my big ole green FR wall are the only two things in the house that have only been painted once in 7 years!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Love where you are taking your dining room. The colors are perfect! Our choice for the fabric is the modern circles. The others choices are a little too safe for us. Also, with that fabric you'll have a perfect balance between circles and squares in this room and the modern style goes perfectly with the traditional woodwork on the walls. Are you hanging those dishes around the mirror? If not, you might want to add something on the side of it to "built" the scale of the mirror a little more. The vintage sideboard is a killer!!!!!We would add something big and dramatic on it to bounce off the mirror and make it a focal point (large white branches i a big vase for ex.)Love, love this room (we usually don't get this exited about rooms in progress). Can't wait to see it finished! Thank you so much for visiting us, we really appreciate it!
Marcela & Clara
Nice & Easy Antiques

Marie said...

Love your rooms - they're fabulous!


Lindy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my beachglass paint! I love the paint colors in your house. I believe if your have good taste (and your do) go bold! I've done it in my past two houses and have never had a problem or complaints. I think a lot of people are insecure in their tastes and would rather buy a home that has tasteful colors. Go for it!

Choosing Paint Color said...

I think it's a shame that so many people play it safe when it comes to color (thinking they will have to sell some day), and meanwhile miss out on the magic that "real" color can add to your life!