And This Is Where Suzanne Whang Should Step In and Tell Me What To Do!

The housing situation here in Florida is interesting. Different. NOT what I'm used to seeing. Lots of foreclosures, short sales and homes that have been on the market a LOOOOONNNNNNNG time.

Think that would make it easier? No.

One problem for me is that one house is nice and the next one needs some serious TLC.

Another problem is I'm really confused about what we really NEED.

I'm so desperate for help that I looked up HGTV's website to find out where they are currently filming new episodes of House Hunters AND renovation shows. Nothing in our area. Darn. I was really hoping to be able to invite Genevieve or Candice over for some HELP!

Ok. So 3 houses. No? How about 5? Hmmmmmmm. Which one should we pick?

House #1
  • 4 bedroom/ 2 bath Craftsman-style bungalow
  • Screened-in pool with lake views
  • Close to downtown, work and parks
  • Quiet cul-de-sac
  • Beautifully maintained with charming historical features
  • Needs a true master bath
  • Backs up to condominiums
  • Close to helicopter holding pattern for nearby hospitals
House #2
  • 5 bedrooms/ 4.5 bath newer home
  • Large floor plan
  • Guest suite over garage- including kitchen
  • Beautiful master-planned community with trails, lakes and retail
  • Great deal in foreclosure
  • Needs LOTS of cosmetic help
  • Further drive from downtown
House #3
  • 3 bedroom/ 1 bath
  • Charming historic home with lake views
  • Impeccably maintained with original hardwoods, tile, windows and doors
  • Second floor shell space with room for additional bedroom/playroom/bathroom
  • Great curb appeal with renovated kitchen
  • Close to downtown
  • Space and necessary expansion for our family is an issue
  • Laundry in detached garage
House #4
  • 4 bedroom/ 4 bath newer home
  • Same master-planned community as House #2
  • Great price per square foot
  • Loaded with upgrades and guest suite over garage
  • Located across from park, green space, playground, pool and fitness center
  • Top of our price range, but little work needed and most square footage
House #5
  • 4 bedroom/ 3 bath home in lakefront community
  • Great curb appeal and floor plan
  • Needs new/updated kitchen and bathrooms
  • Small backyard
  • Good price tag with work needed
All houses are in great grade-A school districts, so no worries there.

Cue cheesy music. Suspense. Suspense. Suspense.

Leave a comment! Let us know which we should pick OR which you THINK we'll pick.

LOVE Suzanne Whang's website. GO see her {HERE}.

Edited to add:
Want to see the house we picked??? Click HERE!

Want to see us on closing day? Click HERE!

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Lou Lou said...

I LOVE house #3- so much character and that roof is beautiful. Is there any way you could add another bath to it? 1 bath for a family that wants to grow is not enough. That would get old real quick.

Ann said...

I like #1 or #3

Vastola Family said...

I think #1 is beautiful, but the condominiums are a real negative.#2 seems to be too much work and I think having 2 kids that are still at home more than away, it's not something that would be condusive to family life right now. #3 is too small for a growing family, although it is gorgeous! #4 seems like the no brainer, but I'm not one for going for something at the top of the price range...breathing room is always nice! My pick is is adorable and from how you describe it seems like a good deal with the possibility of adding your beautiful design touch in the kitchen and bathrooms, but at your own pace. I am excited to see where you all end up! I am so glad we get to follow along on this journey!! Oh, and I think Suzanne Whang should be nervous about her job!!

Lisa said...

I love House Humters!! Hmmm...tough choices. I think 2 would be my first pick...cosmetic stuff is not scary to me and I would want to be as close to downtown as I could while being in a nice neighborhood. #4 seems great, but I am a bargain shopper and like the last commenter, I wouldn't want to get into a place that makes us tight. #1 seems like a nice location, other than the helicopters, which I'm sure you'd get used to. Oh, what fun! Thanks for letting us play along...can't wait to see what you decide. These definitly don't seem too much like typical FL houses.

Anonymous said...

I really like #1 and #3. I love historic homes, so much character. Also, there's something to be said for a house that has so many years of life already.

I agree with the comment about the house at the top end of the price range. This is a buyer's market, especially Florida right now.

All great choices. Good luck!

Stacie said...

I've watched a lot of House Hunters and it seems like most people choose a house that is a lower price and needs work so they can "make it their own". I here that all the time on that show. So if going with a House Hunters theme, go with #5. The only downside is a small backyard but I don't know what you consider small. I also love #3 but it seems impractical. I grew up in a house with 1 bathroom and it wasn't great but I was fine with it. The biggest problem I see is the laundry in the detached garage. The house I grew up in had the washer in the kitchen but the dryer was in an attached storage shed and you had to walk outside to get there. It was annoying especially in rain and cold. #4 seems like the biggest and newest. But bigger means more the clean, more the decorate and more to buy. Sometimes I wish I lived in a smaller house again. A bigger family in a small house doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. I really liked #1 but the condominiums would a deal breaker. So after all my opinions have been stated, I would go with either #4 or #5. I know being close to work is a big deal to Chad so I that's the biggest negative to #4. You didn't mention if #5 was close to downtown but if it's closer, I'd give to edge to #5 for cummute and the chance to "make it your own".

Felicia said...

I like #1 or #5. I love the curb appeal of #1, but backing up to condos would be a concern. I like #5 because I think you could really make it your own and the curb appeal is wonderful. You didn't say if it was close to downtown/work though and I know that's a hot button. So if #5 is close to downtown, that's my pick. #2 & #4 wouldn't be my first choices and #3 seems a little too small.

Tara G. said...

#1 The bath could be worked on; we're AF so air traffic is nothing- really, how much holding is a helo going to do on a daily basis?; condos seem more stable than apartments- is there a privacy fence or could you add one?

Lindy said...

I am all about #1! I grew up in a beautiful older home on the outskirts of LSU... and had condos backing up to my house. Never had a problem. Pick # 1!

Melanie said...


Kari Beth said...

oh, house hunting. so stressful! i love all the houses. they all look full of character. best of luck. can't wait to see what you purchase!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

So many great houses to choose from! I think I need to move there. I love that Craftsman at the top. Beautiful!

sheri said...

someone else feels my pain in Florida. I don't know what part of Florida these are from (maybe i missed that part of the post, but having one house in Orlando - and one townhouse in Tampa - it looks eerily like downtown o-town or Hyde Park in Tampa. :) I have to say, I would choose the homes that have most character - so either the craftsman or the bungalow near the bottom of the list, with the reno-d kitchen that i think was a 3-1. Good luck - all good choices!

ImagineCozy said...

#3 is so Charming, but 1 bath is not the greatest. I thnk I agree that #5 looks like the one to work with! so fun!

Anonymous said...

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