How to Make Tutus for Your Ballerina

Welcome and please, make yourself at home!

First thing you've GOT to do is...

make tutus for your children, then proceed to allow the people who came to pack your belongings for your big move TO PACK THE SAID TUTUS and TAKE THE BOXES TO A STORAGE FACILITY.

Once that is out of the way, feel free to pick up some more supplies and do it all over again. is just that easy! It's totally NO SEW and can be done in a nap time!

Here's a supply list:
  • Good scissors (my fabric-only scissors, of course, are in storage)
  • Ruler or yardstick
  • Satin-faced ribbon (60 inches per tutu)
  • Tulle (the roll seen below is 65 yards; I was able to make 2 tutus with it)

The first time around, I bought 100 yards of tulle from Hobby Lobby. I found it in the wedding section for 50% off (which came out to $3). I used pink (the prettiest) and purple. See photos HERE.

This time around, I bought the 65 yards of tulle from Wal-Mart ($6).

First REAL step: Measure and cut ribbon to a 60-inch-long piece.

Next step: Measure and tie a knot at 20 inches from each end.

Now the most time consuming part: Cutting the tulle.

The first time around I used a different ruler that was about 14 inches long. It made the tutus a little longer and I liked how that worked out.

This time I used a regular ruler.
Measure out 12 inches.

Then fold the tulle back over the ruler to measure another 12 inches and cut.

You'll be left with a piece that is 24 inches long.

The tighter you hold the tulle while cutting, the straighter the cut. That's also why I recommend using your best scissors.

I like to cut the whole roll at once. OPTIONAL: Watch some trashy tv, like The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

There's a whole rolls' worth of tulle cut!

Next, fold the strip of tulle in half.

Place it under the ribbon you prepared earlier.

Take the two loose ends and pull them through the looped end.

Pull the loose ends until the tulle is tight around the ribbon.

Slide down to the knot and repeat.

Here's another:

Try and pull them through with the same tightness/tension?

Slide it down. Do another.

And keep doing it until the whole space between the knots is full. You can make it as fluffy as you want. I used about 50 strips for each tutu.

This size is good for a toddler size 2-4.

I made our younger daughter's with an 18-inch waist instead of 20. She's itty-bitty.

So now we have two purple ones in storage, two white ones here for Halloween and several friends with pretty pink tutus!

I'll post pictures of the girls in their tutus and leotards and tights on Halloween!

I learned how to do this by watching THIS video. I think my directions and the tulle I used are easier. LESS CUTTING and measuring. It might help to see this video.


traci527 said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting how to pictures!!! I can totally make this. I liked the longer length as well. I can't wait to make one.

Carrie said...

I love this post! I had no idea it was so easy to make tutus. It will be a good skill to know once my little miss decides to start walking around. Can't wait to see your pictures!

Tara G. said...

Fun, fun!! Tell me I'll have oodles of time to wipe my "I'm so far behind on the family photo albums" mantra out once I'm packed and in an apartment for a few months!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

I make these too and they are so stinking easy and cute!! I just made one not too long ago for a friend of mine's 2 year old to wear for her b-day!

They are fun to make too! =)