Weekend Update

Friday afternoon, we got the word from the contractor on the number$ for the addition we would do to our little ranch-in-waiting. Remember?

So we put in an offer.

The sellers have countered our original offer and we're drawing the figurative "line in the sand." We'll see what happens. Soon, I hope!

In other news, I got my hair cut and colored. I think my stylist looked EXACTLY like Gwen Stefani, pink banana clip, tattoos and nose ring especially. She totally rocked the look. I told her to do whatever would take away the gray and make me look more like a Florida resident.

Here's what I think I look like:

The Daddy took the girls to a park while I got beautified(?) and we met at Chick-fil-A for lunch. After lunch, I headed for my massage. Oh. I never told you! The Daddy gave me a gift certificate when we moved. The night we arrived, I found an envelope waiting for me with a sweet note and token for my surviving three weeks without him. Nice!

Today we tried another new church. I realize I haven't told you anything about the first church we tried. We're going to give it a while before we decide, especially since we don't know where we'll end up living.

After lunch with friends and their kids, we headed up to a pumpkin patch. NOT REALLY A PUMPKIN PATCH, FOLKS. But, it was the closest to what we do did in Georgia. It was a challenge to find Fall-ish clothes for the mid-80s weather.

Hey, guys!

A Cinderella pumpkin, please!

Mama liked the bumpy ones:

HJ picked a little one:

The Daddy thought this one was cool:

And these little ones had too much fun!

I'll keep you posted on the house, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Looking forward to a great week when Nana and Papa come to visit which means we get to wear our ballerina costumes and go to Disney!!!

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Lou Lou said...

well that is just mean. talking about a new cut and color and no picture to show???