The Latest

Our Family of Five

Our Three Angels

Ansley, now seven

Sisters, Roommates, Best Friends

Harper, turning six next month

Samuel, on his second birthday

Papa and Nana with the kids

Uncle Craig and soon-to-be Aunt Alyson


Sisters, sweet sisters

They share a room, and the joy between them is contagious.

Checking those lost teeth

The bigger they get, the closer they become.

Now that they are at the same school again, they walk in just like this!

Then they give each other a hug and a kiss before they turn in different directions to her own class.

AE has given HJ her own space while getting used to their BIG school.

HJ has led the way to school many days.

But they are always so happy to see each other every afternoon. These girls hold one another's hand almost every time I ask them for a picture, and IT BLESSES ME!

Moving on Up!

Meet the Teacher was the Thursday before school started. Earlier this summer, AE got to meet her teacher and class mates at a "work day" where they came to help the teacher paint the room and do some gardening work with the other students in the multi-age classes. 

The wall color sure looks good now! So happy and fun!

AE with her new teacher, Ms. Williams

That Thursday afternoon, AE came home and fell asleep. For a child who hasn't taken a nap in almost two years, I knew something was wrong! Hello, fever! 

Fever Friday.
Fever Saturday.
Fever Sunday.

Oh no! School starts on Monday.
Monday still a fever and a trip to the doctor. Just a virus. 

Tuesday she was fever free, but we waited until Wednesday to send her back just  to be safe. So...

First Day of School pictures on the third day

AE is now missing her two bottom center teeth. 

Outside the multi-age classes, there are four "learning cottages" containing the K/1st, 1st/2nd, 2nd/3rd, and 3rd/4th classes. Pretty flower beds give the kids a sense of ownership and school spirit!

Outside her class

All smiles and ready to get started! 

A Second One Goes to Kindergarten

At Meet the Teacher with Mrs. Freyer

HJ got a brand new dress for her first day, but she decided to wear it to church the day before the first day of school and opted to wear the same dress her sister wore last year instead! 

Be still my heart!

Adamant that I get this pose on camera!

Hi-yah! Take THAT Kindergarten!

At her cubby

The third day and going strong. By the end of the week, HJ ended up on blue (that's good!) for helping a friend in class clean up his mess. 

I love this girl and I'm so excited for her!

Before and After

Wiggle, wiggle...
The night before I thought, "Maybe I should take a picture of this wiggly pearl?" 

And the next morning, I was so glad that I did! 

AE came to tell me that she was having trouble eating her breakfast. I told her to try and chew her food in the back. Then she came back to me a few minutes later with her first lost tooth in her hand. 

It bled a little and we did a salt water rinse. That night, we got out the sweet little tooth fairy box that Nana gave us long ago for just this occasion. 

The next morning a silver dollar was under her pillow and fairy dust was scattered about where she must have flit and flew!

The other bottom middle tooth is now loose and guess what?

HJ has two loose teeth as well!

No Pressure

It's summertime and I really don't care if these pictures are in order. I might skip a few things we've done, but I WILL FEEL NO PRESSURE to catch you up on all the goings-on of our five. No pressure. :)

Fourth of July silliness in Georgia

Swinging in the 108* heat of Nashville

Outside Mama's elementary school

Mid-summer picture by Nana

She is gorgeous. 

He is sweet.

AE took this shot of us on our way to Tennessee.

At the Parthenon, I did a photo bomb.

More silliness in the Tennessee heat wave of the century

Oh, her beautiful teeth! She just lost her first a couple weeks ago.

If it's green, it's grass in Tennessee!

Visiting Granny's grave

The girls never met my mom, but decided to call her Granny! Sweetness.

At the beach in June. Heartbreaker.

One Saturday morning, I vacuumed.

Once a week, I like to go on a longish run and he was my partner for a bit. They live in the preserve near our neighborhood. THEY ARE LOUD.

The girls got private lessons and learned some actual strokes other than the doggy paddle.

Cover girl at the Rainforest Cafe

On the way to Nashville nap

My favorite girls

Falling asleep in the carpool line daily to pick up his sisters from VBS

Stopped in Senoia, Georgia at this sweet shop. LOVED the light fixture. They had two, and I have none. NO FAIR! As a result of our visit, The Daddy and I have watched the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, a zombie show on AMC. Disgusting, but filmed in Georgia and lots in Senoia.

Green smoothies are my latest obsession!

Mist from the hose for the master

Still working on some spaghetti skills

Papa left his glasses and this silly doll found them. She can't wait until late August until he returns with her $5 reward! 

School starts on the 20th of August. We've met one teacher and tomorrow we will meet the other two. I am beyond excited for this school year. AE is trying out a new class comprised of multi age students. There will be no ceiling for her learning and I can't wait to see where she will end up by the end of the year. 

HJ starts kindergarten. She's ready and I finally am ready for her to go too. She's getting close to that light bulb going off with reading and I can't wait until that light illuminates the world for her!
I've heard so many good things about HJ's new teacher, and we can't wait to meet her. 

SJ will head out into the big, big world of two-day-two's. Twice a week I will have time for doctor appointments, hair appointments and grocery shopping. I will have time to volunteer in each girl's respective classrooms. I can't wait to see how much he changes over the next year.